Recruitment FAQs

  • What is Alpha Gamma Rho?


    Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) is known as the National Agricultural Fraternity. It is a social and professional fraternity that promotes scholarship, leadership, brotherhood, and development of better men. Members of the fraternity are involved in many different organizations across campus. Graduates benefit from the close network of highly successful Alumni, and the many insights and opportunities that they can provide. Alpha Gamma Rho is much more than an organization; it proves to be a strong brotherhood through the common bond of agriculture.


    What makes AGR unique?


    Alpha Gamma Rho isn't like other fraternities. In AGR you will get the opportunity to experience both a social and professional fraternity. AGR does what you expect a social fraternity to do: socialize with other students on campus and in the Greek community. AGR is also like other social fraternities in that it has a strong, close-knit group of brothers. AGR is also a professional fraternity, meaning that our members have a related career interest. AGR is for young men pursuing any career related to agriculture, food, or fiber industries. One more difference: AGR does not have a pledgeship. You join AGR as an equal member. AGR does a careful review of all potential members in advance, so there is no need for a "weeding out" process.


    How will AGR get you ready for the real world?


    Because AGR is a professional fraternity, we are concerned with promoting your career development during your college years and after graduation. We offer:

    • Regional career seminars for undergraduates
    • Internships through alumni contacts
    • Job networking
    • Alumni associations with informative agricultural programming

    It's a tough world out there, but thousands of AGR brothers worldwide are there to help you succeed. From Secretaries of Agriculture, to upper management, to presidents of agricultural companies, to thousands of farmers and ranchers, AGR Alumni are a "who's who" in worldwide agriculture.


    Will being in AGR hurt my college career?


    AGR never loses sight of why you are in college in the first place: to get a diploma and pursue a career. To graduate, you need to do well academically. Our focus on education is very strong. With a higher minimum GPR than Texas A&M Greek Life, we strive to excel academically. With a similar interest in career fields, brothers often take the same classes or can get advice from older brothers who have taken classes previously. We also offer study hours to the brothers who need structure in their academic career.



    How will AGR make me a leader?


    Leadership is an important skill you'll learn or develop in Alpha Gamma Rho. Our members recognize the need to develop leadership skills and take an active part in fraternity and university activities. Fraternity officer positions give you real leadership experience. You will use these skills to get involved in campus organizations or student government. Our members are involved in such organizations as:

    • IFC (Interfraternity Council)
    • IFC Judicial Board
    • Student Senate
    • C.O.A.L.S. (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) Council
    • A.S.A.E. (American Society of Agricultural Engineers)
    • F.I.R.E. (Society of Agriculture Finance, Insurance and Real Estate)
    • A.L.S. (Agricultural Leadership Society)
    • Aggies First
    • A.E.A.A. (Agriculture Economics/Agribusiness Association)
    • Wildlife and Fisheries Society
    • Ducks Unlimited
    • Saddle & Sirloin Club
    • Dairy Science Club


    How does AGR help out the community?


    AGR members realize they are students of their university and non-university communities. AGR tries to be a good neighbor by doing community service work and completing philanthropic projects which help the community. We actively participate in both Big Event and Adopt-A-Highway and are constantly working on putting on more and more individual philanthropies. Philanthropy events are important to AGR because it gives us a chance to give back to our community and provides the chance to give back to people that may not be as fortunate as we.


    Is there any fun in joining AGR?


    If all of this sounds like a lot of serious work, don't worry. AGR knows how to have a lot of fun too. From events within the fraternity, to mixers with sororities, even to big events with other fraternities, we know how to make the most of our college experience. We actively participate in intramurals in order to show our competitiveness. From softball, to football, to soccer and basketball, intramurals are a great way to get involved while having a good time with brothers. We always have a full calendar of activities to bring each other together and exemplify the social aspects of the fraternity experience.


    Can I rush AGR only during IFC Rush Week?


    Alpha Gamma Rho is an open rush fraternity, meaning that we can initiate new brothers at any time of the year (not just during the Official IFC Rush Week). It is highly recommended that you come in during Rush Week so that you can create a bond with your fellow Rush Class. However, if you are a good fit in the fraternity, we will never turn you away.


    How can I get in contact with AGR?


    If this kind of exciting, challenging college life is what you're looking for, send us an email, and AGR will be happy to send you more information. Also, check out the rest of our webpage. Email: or